1. Am living locally, this will be a disaster rubbish wise, no body wants this in the community, stop Now!!

  2. NO!!! This will absolutely take away all the country vibe and feel that Healesville currently provides, small Cafe’s, nice Restaurants and Pubs are everything that makes Healesville, don’t ruin it when Lilydale Mcdonald’s is only 20 minutes away.

  3. I would personally prefer we didn’t have any major fast food outlets in Healesville. However, out if all the majors Mc Donald’s are the biggest employers and the only one to give back to the greater community in a serious way. Yeas there are other job opportunities for the youth of Healesville, but how many? How many parents have had to to countless trips to Lilydale and beyond to take their children to work and pick them up? Progress is happening, the town is growing, things are changing. It’s time to accept it. As for the local cafes and restaurants…. no one who visits Healesville cafes or restaurants is wishing there was a McDonald’s in town. It’s nearly impossible to get a bad meal or a lunch for 2 for under $50. McDonald’s cater for a very different crowd. No one drives to Healesville on the weekend hoping they can eat McDonald’s. No validation to that argument.

    • You are spot on. Exactly that has been a godsend to Tecoma and surrounds. In fact more food cafes etc have opened up from upwey to belgrave, local kids dont have to go off mountain as much.

  4. No, we have enough rubbish lying around in the bush. Although McDonald’s can be a part of a healthy diet. Those who are the most vulnerable with lowest incomes and lowest educational achievements are the most likely within our community to eat this rubbish on a regular basis and suffer further.

  5. didn’t we already say we don’t want macdonalds in our town? Why are they so powerful that they can override community opinion? Healesville already has a large number of employment opportunities for our young people, my boys worked at the Sanctuary and IB, respectively. One of them went on to hospitality management and the other was put off for life! Macdonalds pay minimum wages and do not offer ongoing employment once people turn 18. We can do better than this at the entrance to our town!

  6. God no! Apart from the impact on local food establishments and the increase in litter, our residents don’t need that poor quality food. Any benefit to the local economy will be taken back many times over by increased health costs

  7. Absolutely not McDonald’s doesn’t need to be everywhere Healesville so beautiful place it doesn’t need a trashy McDonald’s

  8. Absolutely, I’ve lived in healeaville for years and we need a proper fast food place as everything in healeaville is quite expensive for take away and we have no 24/7 food places in healeaville anymore since shell started closing at 12:00.

  9. Sick of seeing rubbish bags, straws and drink containers from macDonalds strewn about the hills since Tecoma and other towns in the Dandenongs have MacDonalds. The food is hardly healthy and with carbohydrates aplenty the population gets fatter and less healthy. It’s a disaster on all counts.

  10. It would degrade Healesville, can’t imagine why anyone would say yes to trash our lovely town and severely negatively impact local businesses. Why on earth would council approve this??

  11. Having a McDonald’s will destroy the hospitality industrie in Healsville. Create allot of litter in our creeks and rivers and do we really need another place that sells burgers in this town ? We currently have 11 venues in Healsville selling burgers ! We might as well change our name to Burgerville insted of Healsville!

  12. No way, it is not needed here. I also really hate that they plan to build it right at the entrance to our beautiful town.

  13. Having a McDonalds in Healesville will not only dramatically increase the amount of litter and rubbish in our beautiful little rural town, it will take a massive chunk of revenue from the hospitality industry and divert it to crappy food that’s horrible for your health.

  14. yes yes yes if you didn’t think it would come your stupid the city has been expanding for years now and where almost part of it so to maccas i say yes and to the rubbish being blamed on a fast food joints is stupid its people that liter and cant be arsed placing it in the bin

  15. Yes. It might lower the Road Toll along the Highway. It might stop late night tired or enebriated drives to Lilydale. It will give people driving back from the Snow, Camping, etc somewhere to stop. Parking in Healesville is a disaster.

  16. I don’t believe a Maccas in Healesville will advantage local people, it will divert money that could be going into the community to a multinational. I would prefer to support the inclusion of more culturally and socially diverse food and other options in the community.

  17. No. It’s a vibe thing. Once we let one in more will come and ruin the vibe. They won’t bring many jobs as the new ones are automated anyway.

  18. Face it

    We live in a environment/economy that

    Yay we’re FINALLY getting at freeway from the city…. a train line
    =$$$ and less travel time=time at home, with family, time to have a extra 2 hrs a day to just ‘be’

    *this will raise my house prices…… = well this will raise rent again, yay I can subdivide, well instead of neighbours I’ll have renters….
    * I can finally sell and by a house out right…… it’s all units and town houses now…. EVERYONE ‘fighting over views’

    Once rolling hills a little light in distance 1 hr away for Melb, STARS TOO SEE….

    But that’s progress….

    SORRY…..Did I mention it should have a Truck drive thru……???…

  19. Healesville is known as an idyllic destination due to its boutique businesses. The town does not need a multinational crap food business like McDonald’s to takeaway from the ambience of the town. The gateway to the town should reflect the towns heritage and attractions that so many tourists come here to visit. With Lilydale McDonald’s 20minutes away surely there is no need to build another one here!! Another important issue here is why this has all been handled without transparent community consultation. McDonald’s was never named in the original application and seems to have slipped under the radar.

  20. NO NO NO. Places like this are actively ruining the beautiful vibe of the Yarra Valley that we have so carefully created. Let’s not be the next lilydale – PLEASE. Also rubbish and junk food. No thanks. If you are so hell bent on having a Big Mac just drive 15 minutes further down the road. Or go grab an actual nice meal at one of the amazing restaurants and cafes within the Yarra Valley.

  21. No no no. No community has ever benefited from having this littering behemoth in their town, and we already have plenty of fast food outlets, offering much better quality of food, (and we should be encouraging healthier options anyway).

  22. McDonald’s don’t drop the rubbish the people who buy it do i also see a lot of rubbish that doesn’t come from McDonald’s i think it will be good people aren’t going to come to Healesville just to buy McDonald’s there is a lot of other good food place in Healesville if people want McDonald’s they only have to drive 20 minutes and they can get it .

  23. Yes. I have lived previously in small communities where Maccas have opened and have found them to be excellent contributors to the local community. They provided employment for local youth, and were great supporters of local community groups and junior sport, not to mention the amazing work done by Ronald McDonald house providing support for the families of sick children……and no, I am in no way associated (nor have ever been) with McDonalds. I’d just love to see them come to Healesville.


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